Bath Fitter Difference

Common Issues with Traditional Materials

Other traditional bath and shower materials are liable to have problems. Tile has porous grout lines leading to moisture behind the walls and mold. Fiberglass is porous and as a result is prone to getting stained or discolored, and fiberglass tubs and showers can easily get cracked or chipped. Cast iron or enameled steel can wear and become porous over time, leading to stubborn discoloration. Tubs and showers made of cast iron or enameled steel can also get scratched, dented, or chipped easily. In contrast, our high quality durable acrylic is non-porous, which means you’ll have an easy to maintain tub or shower that will look beautiful for a lifetime.

How Long Can You Live Without Your Bathroom?

Other bath remodeling options can take much longer than the Bath Fitter process and can be highly disruptive, or may be too costly. A do it yourself remodeling project can mean three or four weeks of hard work, mess, and inconvenience, and can impact other areas of your home, such as your walls, floor, and plumbing. Painting or re-glazing your existing tub or shower still takes at least three days, and will typically only last for two to five years before peeling or getting excessively chipped or scratched. General contractors tend to be the most expensive remodeling option, since they involve an unknown number of subcontractors, and the remodeling project can take several weeks. When hiring a general contractor with subcontractors, each level means a further markup for you, and unknown accountability for the finished job if problems arise down the road. Since Bath Fitter controls the whole process from sales, manufacturing, installation, and service, you cut out any middle men and you can rest assured that we stand behind our products and workmanship throughout the process.

One-Day Installation Process

After you schedule a free in-home no obligation estimate, we take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Your representative will be able to discuss options to customize your new tub or shower to your specifications to fit your needs. Your new tub or shower is made to measure in Bath Fitter’s own manufacturing facilities. A trained Bath Fitter installation technician cleans and repairs any existing surfaces before installing your new tub or shower and one-piece seamless wall. Since we are able to control all aspects of the production and installation process, we can ensure the highest quality for our products and workmanship, and are proud to guarantee our work with our lifetime warranty.

Seamless Wall Technology

Bath Fitter uses an exclusive seamless, one-piece wall construction. That means there aren't places for water to leak into the wall causing mold to grow and damage your bathroom. It also means the wall is easy to maintain and clean.

Custom Molded Acrylic

Our tubs are made from 1/4" thick acrylic and custom molded to fit like a glove. Acrylic is a non-porous material that is guaranteed to never stain. This makes cleaning as easy as wiping down your tub.

Brands Who Trust Us

Bath Fitter has been trusted by numerous commercial properties, hotels and resorts, gyms, hospitals, universities, and organizations to install our durable and easy to clean tubs and showers. Some of these groups include Disney, Harvard University, Hilton, and Four Seasons. These companies and organizations value the unmatched ability of Bath Fitter installations to withstand heavy use and the ease of maintenance for their facilities. Given the extremely high traffic of these applications and the proven durability of Bath Fitter, you can be confident that a Bath Fitter tub or shower will last a lifetime in your home as well.

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